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Coming up at Bar 32

Live Entertainment Schedule

Pete Lazard  |  Friday, September 15 (6-9pm)

Maria Petti  |  Saturday, September 16 (5-8pm)

DJ Caffrey  |  Saturday, September 16 (9pm-1am)

Maria Petti  |  Friday, September 22 (8-11pm)

Maria Petti  |  Saturday, September 23 (5-8pm)

DJ Caffrey  |  Saturday, September 23 (9pm-1am)

Pete Lazard  |  Friday, September 29 (6-9pm)

Jelly Duo  |  Saturday, September 30 (5-8pm)

DJ Caffrey  |  Saturday, September 30 (9pm-1am)

Pictured: Maria Petti

Maria Petti is a full-time freelance musician, born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She has had a passion for singing, and music since a very young age. She is now an acoustic staple in the winery/bar scene in Northern Ohio, having a repertoire of original songs, and also a wide variety of music genres to play for her audience.

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